Pan Books – Picador  


I C A    

Design Magazine

Waterstones & Co (Pub)

FuturaBooks (Pub)     

Pandora Press (Pub)

Newell & Sorrell Design Group          

Airport Magazine – Redwood Publishing

A I D – Bank of Scotland        

Michael Peters

Touche Remnant       

Rueters ( Robert Maude Design)

Crescent Lodge Design          

Yellowhammer – Barclays Bank /Modo Paper

D I A _ British Airways

Winsor & Newton           

Banks & Miles Design

Lewis Moberly Design

Council for National Parks

Decca Records

Lee Cooper Jeans (Crescent Lodge)   

Young & Rubican (Air Canada)

Trickett & Webb Calender     

Graphics World Magazine

B G A (Nationwide – Anglia)  

Lloyd Northover – Barclays Bank      


Campain Magazine    

Harper Collins

The Actuary Magazine

Design Works 

Ernst & Young – Accountants

British Telecom          

British Rail      

Waitrose (Packaging) 

BBC Panorama Programme   

Chase Manhatten Bank         

B A A Brochure

Virgin Atlantic and The Partners

Hodder & Stoughton 

British Gas Brochure (M J L Design)

Gouda Insurance Co N V Holland

McColls Agency – Nabisco Brochure 

Addison Design

Sphere Books – Tom Woolf Bookjackets       

New Woman Magazine

Granada Television Calendar 

Price Waterhouse

Kidsons Recruitment Brochure          

Dept of Trade & Industry

O R T International


David Pocknell Design Group

A La Carte Magazine  

Bartrum Roth & Co Accountants

J M Dent (Pub)

Business Satellite Television

Central Office of Information (Police Brochure)

W H Smith (Kane & Co)